Vincent Ledoux-Pedailles


Chief Commercial Officer
Vulcan Energy Resources

Mr Vincent Ledoux-Pedailles, Chief Commercial Officer at Vulcan Energy Resources who has over 15 years of commercial experience in the chemicals and mining industry.
He was previously Executive Director - Corporate Strategy at Infinity Lithium Corporation. Infinity Lithium is developing lithium production in Europe and Vincent led the company to become the first project to secure EU funding. Vincent was also appointed as a lithium expert by the European Commission. He previously worked at IHS Markit where he created and led the lithium and battery materials research team covering the entire industry’s supply chain from raw materials to E-mobility. When he joined IHS Markit he first focused on chemical trading and led the EMEA Chlor-alkali team.

Earlier in his career, he worked for Talison Lithium located in Perth, Australia, tracking the lithium industry in China and Europe. He also worked for Roskill, an international metals and minerals research and consulting company, where he monitored various metals and industrial minerals markets.
Mr Ledoux-Pedailles is a regular speaker at various industry events across the world presenting at chemical, mining, and energy related conferences. Mr. Ledoux-Pedailles holds a Business master’s in risk management and International Purchasing from ESDES Business School in France. He has also studied at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and Marshall University, US.

Session 3
17 October 2023 / 14:00 - 15:30 | Conference Hall

Zero Carbon Lithium Project

Vulcan aims to become the world's first integrated lithium chemical and renewable energy producer with net zero greenhouse gas emissions. The focus is on the Zero Carbon Lithium project, which is developing a globally significant lithium resource on the German-French border in the Upper Rhine Graben brine field.

In the process, Vulcan uses the hot thermal water of the Upper Rhine Graben, where large quantities of lithium are already naturally dissolved. It is the first integrated renewable energy, lithium extraction and lithium hydroxide refining project to supply the battery electric vehicle industry from and for Europe. The project is a world leader in sustainability: it was specifically developed as the world's first project with no fossil fuels, no greenhouse gas emissions and very low water consumption. Currently, Vulcan is focused on the transition to project implementation and operating company. Production is scheduled to start by the end of 2025. With LG, Umicore, Renault, Stellantis and Volkswagen, Vulcan has been able to attract strong partners for the offtake of the climate-friendly lithium.

Session 6
18 October 2023 / 11:30 - 13:00 | Conference Hall