Metinvest considers strategic partnership with Italian companies in Ukraine

Metinvest Group intends to work with the Ukrainian government and Italian businesses on the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. 
Metinvest considers issues of a strategic partnership with Italian companies in Ukraine, the company CEO Yuri Ryzhenkov has said at the Ukrainian Restoration Conference in Italy.

“Ukraine lost manufacture of slabs and rails because of the destroyed plants in Mariupol. This is a problem since Italy was a major consumer of Ukrainian slabs. On the other hand, this is an opportunity to restore Ukraine, as these are the most obvious spheres that need investments. One of the first projects of the plan to restore Ukraine, published last year, contains initiatives, where Italian businesses can participate. And that’s where Metinvest is prepared to cooperate with them,” he said.

Moreover, together with Italian companies Metinvest strives to improve the technological level of metallurgical manufacture in Ukraine and become a part of the green transformation of the European industry. In particular, this concerns the expansion of the manufacture of DR-pellets, the main raw materials for more environmentally friendly metallurgical manufacture using electric arc furnaces. Metinvest considers cooperating with DRI d’Italia, a joint venture of InvItalia and CEIP Scarl.