Session 6

Net zero mining


Central and Eastern Europe offer a variety of mineral exploration opportunities and developed best-in-class resource management practices. The region is rich in a wide range of minerals, including base metals, precious metals, and rare earth elements. Mineral exploration opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe can be developed through innovative exploration techniques such as geospatial technologies, digital mapping, 3D modelling, and Machine Learning. These technologies can help to identify new mineral deposits and improve the efficiency of exploration activities. Resource management best-in-class practices in Central and Eastern Europe include the use of sustainable mining practices, such as environmental impact assessments, community engagement programs and stakeholder consultation. These practices can help to minimize the environmental and social impacts of mining operations and promote transparency and good governance. Additionally, companies can improve the value of mineral resources through downstream processing and beneficiation. Collaboration and partnerships between mining companies, government and local communities can also help to promote mineral exploration and resource management in Central and Eastern Europe.