Anastasiia Tur


Chief Development Officer
Foundation Ukraine

Anastasiia Tur, the Chief Development Officer and Former Head of the Department for Cooperation with Ukraine at the Foundation Ukraine is a seasoned leader known for her dedication to fostering collaborative efforts that leave a lasting impact in the community. With an exceptional ability to unite social initiatives with visionary leaders from the business world and institutions, Anastasiia is a driving force behind transformative change. In her role as the Chief Development Officer, Anastasiia spearheads fundraising activities while expertly managing a dedicated team. Her passion for uniting social causes with influential leaders is evident in her ability to successfully manage projects with budgets exceeding 100,000 EUR. She is a visionary in developing comprehensive fundraising campaigns and creating engaging programs that involve employees from partner companies in volunteering and skill-sharing initiatives. Anastasiia's remarkable journey includes her tenure as the head of the Department for Cooperation with Ukraine during the challenging period following Russia's invasion in 2022. In this dynamic environment, she demonstrated extraordinary leadership by building a dedicated team focused on humanitarian projects in support of Ukraine. Her leadership led to the initiation and supervision of projects, benefitting over 25 cities in Ukraine and supporting the livelihoods of over 100,000 people.

Foundation Ukraine presentation
17 October 2023 / 16:30 - 17:00

Forging Stronger Alliances: A Comprehensive Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, Migrant Integration, and Humanitarian Engagement

In this presentation, we explore the dynamic evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), emphasizing its transformation from a tool for enhancing reputation to a fundamental business practice. We highlight the pivotal role of effective partnerships with NGOs in driving CSR initiatives. Additionally, we delve into the imperative of migrant integration in European urban development, underscoring the significance of integration strategies in fostering diverse and inclusive teams within businesses. Lastly, we address the humanitarian challenges faced in Ukraine and Poland, discussing how humanitarian efforts contribute to building resilience and driving both societal and economic growth. Join us as we navigate this comprehensive approach to CSR, migrant integration, and humanitarian engagement, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between businesses and non-profits for a better future.