MINEX Forum uniting for Ukraine

The MINEX Europe Forum is not just an event – it’s a force for good. Help us to empower and support Ukrainian Refugees in Lower Silesia

The MINEX Europe Forum is dedicated to more than just knowledge sharing and industry meetings. It’s about making a tangible, positive impact on the communities it touches.

Over 1.5 million Ukrainian war refugees currently are living in Poland.

As we plan the 7th MINEX Europe Forum scheduled for 17-19 October 20203 in Wroclaw, we’re committed to fostering change and empowerment of Ukrainian refugees living in Lower Silesia.  Displaced from their homes due to conflict and uncertainty, these individuals seek solace and hope in Poland. Unfortunately, returning to their homeland remains uncertain as the war in Ukraine is raging. Among these refugees are women, the elderly, youth, and children, all striving to adapt to their new lives. The role of charitable missions in providing assistance and support cannot be overstated.

The global response to the Ukrainian crisis has been heartening. Since the start of the invasion in February 2022, unprecedented levels of global support have been extended to Ukraine and its people. Despite this, many charitable organisations are facing “attention fatigue”, and there’s a noticeable reduction in humanitarian aid.

Recognising this, the MINEX Europe Forum has partnered with the Foundation Ukraine non-profit organisation to address this concern directly.

Standing up to a challenge

In collaboration with the MINEX Europe Forum, the Foundation Ukraine aims to raise funds to organise a series of educational workshops for migrants and refugees. Additionally, we seek to provide essential support for the children in schools through cross-cultural assistance.

Estimates suggest that there are currently approximately 9,500 students from Ukraine attending schools in Wrocław. These young people often encounter language barriers, acculturation stress, feelings of alienation, intercultural conflicts, and a sense of otherness. Simultaneously, the significant number of students from various other countries in urban institutions contributes to polarization between Polish and Ukrainian students. The former group sometimes perceives people from Ukraine as receiving special treatment and having lower educational requirements. This underscores the importance of projects designed to support not only migrant youth but also to foster their integration with their Polish peers.

Our Goals

Achieving our goal will result in both short-term and long-term impacts:

Short-term impacts:

  1. Enhanced educational opportunities for migrants and refugees through workshops.
  2. Improved support for the children of migrants in schools, reducing their acculturation stress.
  3. Promotion of cross-cultural understanding and harmony among diverse student groups.

Long-term impacts:

  1. — Greater academic achievement and success for migrant students.
  2. — A more inclusive and cohesive school environment, benefiting both Polish and Ukrainian students.
  3. — Strengthened bonds between communities, fostering unity and cooperation for years to come.

Our initiative has a clear focus – to create an environment where Ukrainian refugees not only thrive but also contribute meaningfully to the community of Lower Silesia.

Donate as little or as much as you can

Every Heartfelt Gesture Matters

Whether you’re a business leader, an investor, a government representative, or simply someone who believes in the strength of humanity, your involvement holds immense value. Your contribution, regardless of its size, carries immense weight in this endeavor. Even the smallest gesture resonates deeply, reminding these refugees that they’re not alone on this journey.

Take action now and be the catalyst for positive change. Your generosity today shapes the destiny of many tomorrows.

The Ripple Effect of Impact

Supporting this initiative creates a ripple effect of positive change:

– Empowered Individuals: Equipping refugees with skills to navigate challenges, communicate effectively, and manage stress.

– Cultural Understanding: Fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation between migrants and the local community.

– Inclusive Environment: Building an inclusive environment where everyone is valued and embraced.

Your Role in Shaping Lives

By contributing to our mission, you become a catalyst for profound positive change. You actively foster integration and unity among Ukrainian migrants in Lower Silesia. This is an opportunity to fight the fatigue of war and to impact lives of Ukrainian people helping them to live peaceful and productive life away from war.

Your generosity today shapes the destiny of many tomorrows

Foundation Ukraine

(Fundacja Ukraina)

About us: The Foundation Ukraine is a non-government organization that has been operating in Lower Silesia, Poland since 2013. Our initiatives focus on fostering education, development, and integration for migrants and refugees. Our daily efforts revolve around providing support, knowledge, connections, and opportunities that help individuals thrive within Polish society.


  • April 23, 2013 — The Ukraine Foundation was established on the initiative of the Honorary Consul of Ukraine, Grzegorz Dzik, with the aim of supporting the adaptation, integration, as well as personal and professional development of migrants. The Foundation carried out its first project in 2014, and currently, it has already accomplished more than 60 initiatives. As the Honorary Consul of Ukraine, Grzegorz Dzik actively works towards the development of the business environment. Since 1998, as the Chairman of the Western Chamber of Commerce, he has actively supported Polish-Ukrainian cooperation and organized economic visits to establish connections between companies from Lower Silesia and Ukraine. The Honorary Consul also serves as the Vice-President of the Management Board of the Polish Copper Employers’ Association since 2016. Since 2017, he has been a member of the Entrepreneurship Council at the Rector of the University of Economics. Grzegorz Dzik is also the founder and President of the Management Board of IMPEL, the largest group of companies in Poland specializing in outsourcing services for businesses and the largest private employer in Poland.


  • November 18, 2016 — At the beginning of its operations, the organization primarily assisted individuals of Ukrainian origin, whereas in 2016, it expanded its scope to include other foreigners. In this location, the Ukrainian Culture and Development Center (CUKR) was established and is operated by the Foundation Ukraine. Its official opening took place on November 18, 2016. CUKR quickly became a cultural hub and was well-received by the residents of Wrocław. It hosted special film screenings and poetic-musical evenings. Currently, CUKR is the largest and most recognizable project of the Ukraine Foundation, serving as the venue for the majority of integration, educational, cultural, and adaptive events organized within the framework of the Ukraine Foundation’s projects.
  • In 2017 — the activities of CUKR were expanded to include the Information-Promotion Point for migrants, InfoCUKR. In response to the increasing percentage of migrants in the local community and their identified needs, the Ukraine Foundation established the Institute of Migrant Rights, located at 46a/202 Ruska Street in Wrocław.
  • By a resolution dated December 22, 2020 — the Institute of Migrant Rights continues to develop the activities of the pre-existing Information-Promotion Point for migrants, InfoCUKR, which has been operational since 2017.


  • February 24, 2022 — From the first days of the full-scale war in Ukraine, the Ukraine Foundation engaged in assistance efforts and initiated the SAVE UKRAINE campaign. This is a collection of actions and mechanisms aimed at aiding Ukraine, its residents, and refugees forced to flee the war to Lower Silesia.

With the support of the city, partners, and non-governmental organizations, we managed to organize assistance in five areas:

➔ Volunteer coordination

➔ Humanitarian aid dispatch

➔ Fundraising for humanitarian, medical, and tactical aid for Ukraine

➔ Informational support for refugees

➔ Equipping refugee centers

➔ Support of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Center in Ukraine

  • Starting from April, the Foundation Ukraine took on the coordination of the Information Point for refugees established at the Main Train Station in Wrocław. In the fall of 2022, this point officially became a unit of the Ukraine Foundation under the name Refugee Support Center. We continue to successfully carry out the aforementioned areas of action.

Our activities:

Ukrainian Center of Culture and Development (CUKR) — is a space for integration, education and development of migrants and citizens of Wroclaw, a place where cultural events and international meetings take place:

➔ Adaptational & Integrational classes: cooking, dancing, yoga, handcrafts

➔ Intercultural assistance: support for migrant and refugee kids at schools

➔ Job fairs and personal development trainings

➔ Language courses & Speaking Clubs

➔ Cultural Festivals

As part of Foundation Ukraine, Refugee Support Center (CWU) stands as a beacon of support and care for refugees in Poland. The center provides assistance in the first stages of adaptation, integration, education and personal development for war refugees:

➔ Psychological & legal consultations

➔ Club for seniors (60+): meetings & gatherings

➔ Intervention mobile teams (to reach refugees stationed in smaller towns that are not reached by local assistance)

➔ translation services and legal support

➔ Accommodation and basic humanitarian aid

Institute of Migrant Rights (IPM) is a Foundation’s Ukraine organizational unit which focuses on the process of adaptation, integration and legalization of migrants living in the Lower Silesia

➔ Consultations in the field of social integration and daily life of foreigners in Poland

➔ Consultations for migrants and refugees with lawyers, career counselors, psychologists

➔ Trainings on migration-related issues, law and the third sector Multilateral support for Ukraine during the Russia’s invasion, fundraising for humanitarian projects to aid civilians and IDPs – with special attention given to vulnerable groups such as mothers with children, the elderly, and individuals affected by home destruction or living in occupied territories:

➔ Provision of humanitarian aid and food packages

➔ Support of the Shelter for Internally Displaced People in Ukraine

➔ Supply of the rescue vehicles: ambulances, fire trucks

➔ Support of reconstruction of a school and repairment of bomb shelter

Our activities:

Outcomes 2022:


adaptation & integration events organized — 17,200 participants


refugees got free of charge information support


tons of humanitarian aid sent to Ukraine


free of charge legal consultations




projects with an overall budget over PLN 26 mln+

In total, over 25,000 followers.

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