Media and knowledge partnership opportunities

Industry Associations

Media and News publishers

Government organisations

Academic Institutions

Submit partnership application before

15 September 2023


Knowledge partnership

Our expectations from Knowledge partners 

  • Assistance in preparing the content for the Forum events (sessions, presentations, panel discussions, etc.);
  • Engagement of leading experts, entrepreneurs, politicians and other “influencers”.
  • The organisation of interviews with key industry figures.
  • Preparation of analytical reviews and studies based on the materials of the Forum.
  • Assistance with enhancing the visibility of the Forum and attracting new partners, sponsors, exhibitors, and participants.

Deadline for partnership applications 15 September 2023


Media partnership

Our expectations from media-partners

  • Electronic distribution (Email, SMS, Tweets, blogs, etc.) of forum announcements to subscribers of the info partner.
  • Placement of web banners of the forum on Internet resources.
  • Placement of advertising modules of the Forum in publications.
  • Publication of announcements and problematic articles provided by the organisers of the Forum.
  • Announcement of the Forum in the social groups of the info-partner.
  • The organisation of video broadcasting of forum events, preparation of video materials and their publication on Internet resources.
  • Preparation and publication of print, photo and video materials about the forum and their publication in publications and internal resources of the information partner.
  • The organisation of interviews with forum participants and their publication on the partner’s resources.
  • Provision of published materials of the Forum for inclusion in the post-event media report.

The services provided to the Forum organisers and reciprocal services may vary depending on individual arrangements.