Andrii Smolin


Head of Ukrainian Representative Office
Avellana Gold

Mr Smolin has more than 20 years of experience in investment banking, management consulting and risk management projects.

Mr Smolin is currently responsible for governmental relationship and new businesses in Ukraine, as well as implementation of strategy and investment relationship of Avellana Gold Ltd.

Session 4
17 October 2023 / 15:30 - 16:30

We find the Gems in Ukraine’s Mineral Endowment

Avellana Gold Ltd owns licenses for the gold polymetallic deposits in Ukraine Muzhievo Beregovo and Kvasovo.  This is the last large polymetallic project in Europe focused on Gold and Zinc. Muzhievo Property is the most developed property in the Beregovo Mineral District.  It was in production as a small gold mine from 1999 to 2006 but now it is considered to be a much larger Au Ag Pb Zn deposit. The Beregovo deposit is adjacent to and contiguous with the Muzhievo deposit and is a part of the same epithermal polymetallic mineralised system.

In 2023 2024 we plan to:

 Launch a limited underground mining operation to sell the commercial product;
 Complete the design of flotation unit with capacity 10t/h and launch of a laboratory flotation circuit 1t/h;
 Switch our sale focus from China to EU;
 Receive a banking financing to expand our mining fleet;
 Expand the Berehove drilling program;
 Launch an additional assaying of ores for Cu, Pl
 Finalize processing studies and get Zn carbonate and gold Dore bar as our final commercial product targeted for the Ukrainian internal market