Chris Barton


His Majesty's Trade Commissioner for Europe
UK Government

Chris Barton is His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for Europe, with responsibility for encouraging trade and investment between UK and other European countries as well as Israel.

Chris joined the civil service in 1998, having spent 5 years as an Economics and Business Studies teacher. He has held a variety of posts since then in departments for business, energy, trade, Foreign Office and No10. He has focused on trade issues since 2013, including as Director for Trade Policy & Export Control (2013-16), Director for Multilateral and EU Trade Negotiations (2016-2019), Director for Bilateral Trade Relations (2019-20), Director for UK-EU Goods Negotiations in No10 (2020-2021), and Acting Director General for Trade Negotiations (2021).

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17 October 2023 / 09:15 - 09:30