Inga Khchoyan


Sales Manager EMEA

Sales professional with 10+ of experience in various sectors. Inga has joined Flyability 3 years ago as a Sales Manager for the EMEA overseeing the business development activities in Central and Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and the UK. Flyability is a Swiss company building safe drones for operating indoors, in complex and confined spaces. Flyability pioneered confined space inspection drones, creating new technology that allows inspectors to collect data remotely inside dangerous confined spaces instead of in person. Since launching in 2014, Flyability has become a trusted provider of internal inspection solutions, enabling remote data collection with cutting edge hardware and software for inspection professionals to help them improve safety, reduce downtimes, and cut costs for their internal inspections. Today Flyability has offices in Switzerland, China, Singapore, and the U.S., with almost two thousand clients in over 60 countries. Flyability works in every industry that requires internal inspections with big focus on Mining.

Session 8
18 October 2023 / 16:00 - 17:30

How Elios3 drone is being used in mining

Mines are hostile environments for humans. As a result, mining companies are turning to mining inspection technology that prevents humans from being exposed to dangerous situations. By choosing the Elios—a remote visual inspection(RVI) tool used to inspect confined and/or inaccessible spaces—mining companies have improved mining inspection operations by making them safer and more productive, while decreasing downtimes. The Elios gives mining professionals access to visual data from deep below the earth’s surface in underground mines to the inner workings of a surface mine’s processing plant equipment. While drones will not eliminate every danger associated with traditional mining practices, they can be deployed to collect data in areas where humans are not allowed to enter.