Michael Hetmanski


CEO & Co-founder

CEO & Co-founder of Instrat - Warsaw-based think tank with a mission of supercharging policies and public opinion with open data and research for a fair, green and digital economy. Expert in areas of energy & climate policy, power market modelling, energy and coal mining sectors, and open data. Co-author of research and strategic documents on data governance, just transition in coal regions. Advisor to the stakeholders of the Eastern Greater Poland just transition - social partners, trade unions, local governments. Co-author of the region's strategic documents and strategies, incl. Territorial Just Transition Plan, and "Job After Coal" employee re-skilling program

Session 2
17 October 2023 / 11:30 - 13:00

Just transition in Eastern Greater Poland - translating high-level climate policy targets to regional strategies

Eastern Greater Poland, one of Poland's seven coal regions, is on the fastest way to end coal mining and combustion already in 2024, long time before Paris Agreement compatible phase-out date of 2030. Instrat will present lessons learned from more than three years of supporting local stakeholders in their journey of planning and implementing ambitious plans, incl. Territorial Just Transition Plan and Regional Net-Zero 2040 Strategy.