Snježana Miletić


Senior expert
Geological Survey of Slovenia

Snježana Miletić is a geologists and works at the Geological Survey of Slovenia on the Mineral Resource Department. She graduated at the University of Ljubljana and studies there for a postgraduate degree (PhD), applying analyses of natural stone in antiquity. She has been involved in many different EU projects on primary and secondary mineral resources. Currently she is involved in the EU project entitled Geological Service for Europe, where they are - among other - establishing an EU International Center of Excellence on Sustainable Resource Management.

Session 1
17 October 2023 / 09:30 - 11:00

EU International Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Resource Management

The EU International Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Resource Management (EU ICE SRM), to be established within the Geological Service of Europe project, will be a capacity building and a knowledge center supporting implementation of the United Nations Classification Framework (UNFC). UNFC assists in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by integrating information on the availability of resources, technical feasibility and environmental-socio-economic conditions. The EU ICE SRM shall build on strong EU-level expertise, Critical Raw Materials intelligence that would be able also to support the upcoming Critical Raw Material Act. The main objectives of the EU ICE SRM are a) to establish a common understanding of UNFC for raw materials, including its reporting, b) to expand UNFC to other resources (energy, water and secondary raw materials), c) to further develop and maintain a European Network for UNFC practitioners / experts, and d) to prepare trainings for different stakeholders - users. The EU ICE SRM shall primarily focus on European Union, but will extend its activities to neighboring countries and beyond (globally).