Immersive Presentations

Immersive Presentations – a New Solution for a New Reality

We invite companies to prepare immersive presentations using VR / AR technologies.

Immersive presentations open new opportunities and horizons for visualizing demonstrations and organising remote visits to industrial sites. The presentations, built with 3D media, create a sense of immersion for the audience as if they were at the real site. Built-in interactive elements allow to enhance visualisation of industrial assets, technologies, financial and economic reports, and much more.

Scenarios for Organising Immersive Presentations

Conference Presentation

Teleport conference delegates to your remote factory or mine. Immersive Presentations with built-in PowerPoint slides, videos and animations will make your speech an unforgettable experience.

Expo Presentation

Demonstrate immersive presentation at the exhibition. To maximise immersive experience, use a VR helmet. Viewers can also watch the presentation on a video panel built into your exhibition booth. The presentation can include various interactive elements such as slides, videos, 3D models, tests, quizzes, and quests.

Virtual Presentation

Online visitors can watch presentation at the virtual exhibition. The presentation can be performed live by a presenter. Alternatively, the presentation can be “entrusted” to a virtual assistant using a pre-programmed tour. After the conference, the presentation can be published on the company’s website.

Offline Presentation

The presentation can be demonstrated without an Internet connection. Local file can be saved on local computer and played on the screen at the company’s reception, used for internal trainings, HR days, tests, and much more.

Questions and Answers

Immersive presentations are created using 360 photos and videos. Presentation can include virtual any digital visualisation element. The most commonly used are slides, videos, 3D models and photographs.

It all depends on the complexity of the presentation. On average, a project takes several weeks, but it can be done faster.

The cost depends on the requirements and complexity. Contact us to discuss your requirements and ideas. Email us at

Send us instructions and required files. After the update, we will send you a link to the new version.