Albania Geological Survey

Geological factors influencing lithium exploration
- The presence of Paleozoic sedimentary rocks represented by terrigenous conglomerate deposits, black schists with intercalation of quartz and sulphurous mineralization, brown clays of Silurian - Devonian age.
- Existence (presence) of Triassic magmatism, represented by basic - medium, to acidic volcanic facies.
- The presence and spread of Jurassic magmatism represented by ultrabasic, basic, basic to intermediate volcanic rocks, as well as several granitic vein series in the upper parts of the differentiated ophiolitic section.
- The presence of bauxite deposits formed by the lateritic breakdown of gabbro-diorite rocks, to acids located in karst pits of Triassic and Cretaceous limestones on the periphery of ophiolitic rocks or on them.
- The presence of significant surfaces with large thicknesses of old clays formed by the alteration of the magmatic rocks of the Lower Triassic and Upper Jurassic, their redeposition on the carbonate rocks.