Mining in SERBIA

Current production of metals and minerals by metr. t. * World Mining Data 2021


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Ind. Minerals

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43.550 13.930 10.560 1.452 14.502 14.502 133.464 20


PRMs geological potential (RESEERVE West Balkan Mineral Register):

− Two Au ore deposits (total size: 43Mt) (unknown reserves), in development by foreign investor;

− Large and very large Cu deposits of 4.784Mt Proved and Probable or unknown ore reserves, some in operating mines run by a multinational group;

− Very large borates – Li ore deposit (135,7Mt all types of resources – unknown reserves) under development by foreign investor;

− Mo ore deposit (177Mt-unknown reserves) underdevelopment by foreign investor;

− 22 Mt Proved and Probable Pb-Zn ore reserves;

− Kaolin, magnesite and zeolites (unknown reserves) in operating mines; Quartz sand and gravel aggregates; Lignite.

Primary raw materials business opportunities (RESEERVE West Balkan Mineral Register):

− Development of the Mačkatica Mo ore and the Čukaru Peki – Lower zone Cu ore (midterm, 0-10 years): Identification of reserves per commodity; Investigate processing; Conducting market and feasibility studies.

− Development (short – mid- and long-term goals, 0-20 years) of other sectors supporting extraction and processing activities in areas with very high business opportunities potential such as future exploitation of Au, Cu, the borates-Li and the Mo ore deposits, like machinery suppliers, consulting agencies, constructive companies, testing facilities, etc.